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Originally Posted by DruchaPucha View Post
Скорее всего права достались от Enix, они ведь вторую часть издавали.
Да наверное ты прав.
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World Map of Grandia III
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PRESS R1 - Navigator's Notes
Anfog Village: A quiet village nestled in the mountains. Time here seems to flow more slowly than in other places. ➹ Anfog has been known for its pottery for hundreds of years. Wine drunk from ANfog goblets is said to taste exceptionally good.
Sabatar Harbor: This small settlement along the shoreline consists of the tents of sailors and fishermen. ➹ After being exposed as a cheat, the original owner of the casino was driven away. Now it's under new management...
Randoto Island: An uninhabited island out in the middle of the sea. Perhaps because it is so isolated, it is home to many unique monsters. ➹ One of these, the Boat Swallows (so named because of their tendency to attack boats) are natural enemies of sailors.
Mendi City: This trading city has long functioned as a doorway to the mainland from the sea. it is filled with shops of every kind. ➹ The legendary Sky Captain Schmidt has his garage here, but ordering one of his planes is much easier said than done.
Arcriff Temple: Located deep inside Arcriff Forest, this boat-shaped temple once reflected beautifully on the surface of a nearby lake. ➹ But Emelious used the power of Xorn to destroy it, leaving no trace of its former beauty.
Dragon Valley: A deep valley surrounded by high cliffs. If someone were to fall inside, he would never be able to climb back out. ➹ But anyone making it through this trackless path would be rewarded by a breath-taking view of natural splendor.
Clan Lake: This freshwater lake is surrounded by steep mountains and is known for its beautiful water. ➹ It is still home to a great many types of animal life, and the "master of the lake" can often be seen swimming in its waters.
Baccula Settlement: Tents of various sizes cluster around an oasis to form the Baccula Settlement. ➹ The secret of Mana Egg fusion has been passed down through the generations here, and is sought after by all magic users.
Baccularn Desert: A massive desert situated in the center of the mainland, this was once a fertile plain inhabited by nomadic tribes. ➹ However, in recent years its transformation into a desert has become more rapid, and its size has also increased.
Baccula Ruins: These ancient ruins, surrounded by the desert and mountains, were originally built as a home for the Guardian Yoat. ➹ It is said that figures carved on the walls of the ruins will come to life in order to protect Yoat from intruders.
Sand Valley: The sand that flows like a waterfall from cracks in these rugged mountains stuns all who see it. ➹ It is said that over countless eons, the sand from this valley formed the Baccularn Desert.
Vejas Jungle: A dense subtropical jungle. It is said that vast ruins lie somewhere deep inside. ➹ Explorers were stunned by the gigantic carvings of human faces they found here. Proof of a great civilization now lost.
Veja Ruins: A gigantic pyramid standing in the middle of the jungle. It is thought to have been built in honor of the Guardian Seiba. ➹ Because a strange statue in the shape of Seiba guards over the ruins, they have yet to be touched by robbers or vandals. (missed this on the map! oops)
Veja Crater: A gigantic rift in the earth to the north of the Veja Ruins. ➹ This scar was created when Emelious brought Surmania back into this world.
Vejas Falls: Water falls from a great height with incredible power and beauty to form this mysterious waterfall. ➹ Perhaps because of its great beauty, it is said that anyone seeing a rainbow over this waterfall will be blessed.
Melc Ruins: This giant mechanical castle has floated in the sky here since time immemorial, but no one knows who built it, or why. ➹ Also called a mirage "castle," it can suddenly disappear when unwanted visitors approach.
Samaram Island: This island's unique land formations made it perfect for flying contests, and also gave rise to legends about Schmidt. ➹ Recent seismic activity has caused the island to become unstable, making such contests impossible.
Petroglyph: This mysterious bird-shaped drawing was made thousands of years ago and covers many miles of ground. ➹ Although it is not known who drew it or for what purpose, it has long been a favorite among pilots, who view it from the air.
Raflid Town: A small town surrounded by snow-capped mountains and evergreen trees. Snow falls here year round. ➹ Although essentially just a small hunting village, its connection to Sky Captain Schmidt has long attracted pilots.
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