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Америка / USA Killing Time V2.7 [U] [Beta] [28/08/1995] [Encrypted]             

Killing Time V2.7 (U) (Beta) (Encrypted)

This is a copy of a beta version of Killing Time. It is ver 2.7 made on 8-28-1995. The initial release was 3.5 and the updated disc was 3.10. Normally betas would only run on a test unit but this one has been signed it so it plays on a regular console.

Observations : The game can be beaten, but it takes some work due to the Hedge Maze being extremely buggy. But you can obtain all the keys / winged vessels, enter the attic, and "win" the game.

Here are the subtle differences : Beta = way more generous with the ammo. On medium, in the retail copy, ammo can get pretty scarce if you don't manage it well. In the beta, on medium, I never ran out of ammo once. I didn't play any differently, and cleared each area of enemies. So between the beta and the final release, they made the game 'harder'. Also seems that there are less hit points on the enemies in the beta, but its so hard to tell considering Killing Time doesn't have the best hit detection in the world.

Enemy placement = In the hedge maze, hunters appear a few corridors before they do in the retail copy. I know...huge huh?

Hedge maze = textures appear in different order than in the retail version

Here are the issues : The hedge maze is a disaster. As soon as you even attempt to enter the area, you start clipping into oblivion. Only by walking BACKWARDS can you avoid this happening. For some reason, the engine must not be rendering what is behind you, so by not "looking" at it, you don't let it start bugging out. Unfortunately, you do need to turn around to open some of the doors. Basically...you need to force the game into the bug, keep hitting the c button, listen for when the door opens, then turn around again to get out of the clipping. This occurs @ 1 frame per second or so, so it can take a good minute to make this happen.

Even still, you can get from one end to the other if you try hard enough.

Also in the hedge maze...the tommygun gangsters are corrupted (well, half of them are) and you can hear ducks quacking and being squished as you walk around, but they NEVER appear.

Although now, the hedge maze does appear on the map, compared to the retail version where the entire map was hidden to make it more "maze like"...so its nice in the way that you can check everything out to make sure you haven't missed anything In the wine cellar...two issues. One, some of the floor and ceiling textures just aren't there....even if you exit the area and re-enter, they are missing.

Also, in the "mirror room" (At least what I like to call it) where you have to pick your path in between crates to get from one end to the other, that puzzle isn't included in the beta. You can run from one end to the other picking whatever path you want.

In Egyptian Switches...there is some minor texture distortion in open passageways. Basically, whatever texture is on the wall behind the opening shows up magnified 10x. Once you pass through, it stops.

Tess apparitions : The blue ghost of Tess rarely appears when you hear her calling out "help me" and they are very hard to activate. Even if you stand right on top of one, it can take 3-4 attempts to get the movie playing. All the movies do work, and there aren't any missing / any extras added. However there might be one added in the very beginning of the little girl giving you health. I would imagine they shot the FMV sequences before developing the game, as it was very story driven.

Interesting things : When you go to start a new game, the player name by default is Jonathan T. Mason. I checked the name against the developer list in the retail version, and it's not listed...so I am guessing its safe to say that is the name of the character your playing as. I wonder if they were going to give the player some backstory at some point and cut it out due to time constraints?

Map and Polygon bugs: The map bug still exists, but to a lesser degree. I fell through the floor into the sewer off the east wing of the mansion, and my entire map progress from the sewers was saved. So that's an improvement over the retail copy. Upstairs in the mansion and in the mazes at the beginning of the game, your map progress still disappears once you leave the area.

Polygon bug...does not exist in the beta. Or at least I cannot make it happen. I can pretty much consistently get this to occur in the retail release, so it seems they actually managed to produce this bug between this beta and the retail release. Now yes...there are some weird textures in Egyptian switches, so perhaps that's where the bug originated, and in their attempt to fix it, they introduced the polygon bug? Who knows More enemies ? : I swear in the maze outside the mansion entrance there are more hunters in some rooms than in the retail version. One large area alone had 14 hunters and about 8 ducks. I never recall having that many enemies in one area in the retail version.

Enemy "sprite" size - I swear some of the enemies seem scaled down compared to the retail version. I need to check this a bit further though. Perhaps they increased their size once they optimized the game further on in the version # history.

Frame Rate : I heard someone say they thought the frame rate was better in the beta. It sure seems slower to me! Like 1-2 frames off the retail release frame rate

But that's about it! The beta is basically a buggy version of the retail release of Killing Time. Unfortunately there aren't any new / different areas or enemies, no extra soundtrack or FMV videos. It must have been pretty close to being finished by this point. If it wasn't for the hedge maze being really messed up, I would never have even guessed I was playing a beta.

Above the three photos is a link to a small movie showing the "clipping" bug I described in regards to the hedge maze. You can see that before you even exit the door to the maze itself, the game gets pissed off!

Published by 3DO Company
Genre: FPS
Released: 1995 (US)
Language: English
Image: ISO/CUE
WinRar: 405 Mb

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Default Ответ: Killing Time V2.7 [U] [Beta] [28/08/1995] [Encrypted]             

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Default Ответ: Killing Time V2.7 [U] [Beta] [28/08/1995] [Encrypted]             

Ссылочку возможно восстановить?
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Где можно скачать эту версию игры?
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Default Re: Killing Time V2.7 [U] [Beta] [28/08/1995] [Encrypted]             

http://hiddenpalace.org/File:Killing_Time_(Aug_28,_1995_prototype).rar . с 16го года хостится там(на всякий случай напоминаю ссылку, явно пригодится). Токо такого подробного описания и скринов нет.Внутри xdelta для патчивания специальной not-for-public DRM защиты (первые слова о запуске на реальной консоли неверны, если верить сайту по ссылке без патча не запустить).
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Default Ответ: Killing Time V2.7 [U] [Beta] [28/08/1995] [Encrypted]             

Originally Posted by Андрей Титов 2009234669 View Post
Ссылочку возможно восстановить?
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