'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Основные смайлы
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
=) smile smile
::Acute:: Acute Acute
::aggressive:: aggressive aggressive
:Agree: Agree Agree
::AirKiss:: Air Kiss Air Kiss
:-< bad bad
::Beee:: Beee Beee
::BlackEye:: BlackEye BlackEye
::yes:: yes yes
:Blush: Blush Blush
::blush:: blush blush
:Blum: Blum Blum
::Boast:: Boast Boast
:Boredom: Boredom Boredom
:Censoded: Censored Censored
::Clapping:: Clapping Clapping
=( cry cry
::Dance:: Dance Dance
:DanceFour: DanceFour DanceFour
::DanceTwo:: DanceTwo DanceTwo
:Derisive: Derisive Derisive
::Declare:: Declare Declare
::angel:: angel angel
::dirol:: dirol dirol
:dntknw: Dntknw Dntknw
:dontmention: Don't Mention Don't Mention
::Download:: Download Download
:Drinks: Drinks Drinks
:Friends: Friends Friends
::fool:: fool fool
::good:: good good
:GoodTwo: GoodTwo GoodTwo
:GoodThree: GoodThree GoodThree
:ImSoHappy: I'm So Happy I'm So Happy
::Hooray:: Hooray Hooray
::super:: Super Super
:IreFul: IreFul IreFul
:Grin: Grin Grin
:Help: Help Help
::Help:: Help Help
::Worthy:: Worthy Worthy
::cowboy:: cowboy cowboy
:Heat: Heat Heat
::disease:: disease disease
::alucard:: alucard alucard
::sir:: Sir Sir
::diablo:: diablo diablo
:IreFulTwo: IreFulTwo IreFulTwo
::wacko:: wacko wacko
:IreFulThree: IreFulThree IreFulThree
:Laugh: Laugh Laugh
::crazy:: crazy crazy
::Drool:: Drool Drool
::sleep:: Sleep Sleep
::Haha:: Haha Haha
::aaa:: Aaa Aaa
::Baby:: Baby Baby
Catty1 Catty1 Catty1
yakes1 Yakes Yakes
::spiteful:: -spiteful- -spiteful-
Gamer1 Gamer Gamer
Furious1 Furious Furious
2gun 2gun 2gun
CrazyPilot_ CrazyPilot CrazyPilot
Respect_ Respect Respect
Driving1 Driving Driving
beta1 beta beta
ban1 ban ban
offtop offtop offtop
oops_ oops oops
Alien1 Alien Alien
::verygood:: Good Good
Best1 Best1 Best1
:Fishing: Fishing Fishing
Sad1 Sad Sad
Left1 Left1 Left1
baloon1 baloon baloon
Thumbs-up Thumbs-up Thumbs-up
Anime Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
??^_^?? ^_^ ^_^
??kawai?? Kawai Kawai
??:O?? :O :O
???_??? ?_? ?_?
??kawai2?? Kawai 2 Kawai 2
??hi?? Hi Hi
??req?? Request Request
??eyes?? Eyes Eyes
??conf?? Confusion Confusion
??psix?? Psix Psix
??lmao?? Lmao Lmao
??bye?? Bye Bye
??relax2?? Relax 2 Relax 2
??uha-ha?? Uha-ha Uha-ha
??cry3?? Cry 3 Cry 3
??:Q?? :Q :Q
??laugh?? Laughter Laughter
??:)Y?? :)Y :)Y
??red?? Red Card Red Card
??ycard?? Yellow Card Yellow Card
??sing?? Sing Sing
??wait?? Wait Wait
??':()? ':() ':()
??love2?? Love 2 Love 2
??refl?? Reflect Reflect
??bow?? Bow Bow
??love?? Love Love
??shama?? Shaman Shaman
??:S?? :S :S
??darling?? Darling Darling
??bad?? Bad Bad
:103: 103 103
??evil3?? Evil 3 Evil 3
??+_*? +_* +_*
??bum?? Bum Bum
??hm?? Hmm Hmm
??cry4?? Cry 4 Cry 4
??wash2?? Washing 2 Washing 2
??sleep?? Sleep Sleep
??fury?? Fury Fury
??hero?? Hero Hero
??dance?? Dance Dance
??-_- -_- -_-
:8: 8 8
??evil?? Evil Evil
??cry1?? Cry 1 Cry 1
??cool?? Cool Cool
??trainer?? Trainer Trainer
??ball?? Footbal Footbal
??X_X?? X_X X_X
??hp?? Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
??spit?? Spit Spit
??cold?? Cold Cold
??you?? You You
??vh?? Very Heat Very Heat
??help?? Help Help
??run?? Run Run
??desire?? Desire Desire
??drink2?? Drink 2 Drink 2
??warm?? Warm Warm
??fear?? Fear Fear
??+_+?? +_+ +_+
??oO?? Oo Oo
??kf?? Kung Fu Kung Fu
??heat?? Heat Heat
??ya?? Я! Я!
??fresh?? fresh fresh
:109: 109 109
??bul'?? Bul'-bul' Bul'-bul'
??read?? Read Read
??relax?? Relax Relax
??xmas?? Christmas Christmas
??vcry?? Very Cry Very Cry
??stress?? Stress Stress
??->:|<-?? >:|<- >:|<-
??give?? Give Give
??no?? No No
??ustal?? Устал Устал
??offended?? Offended Offended
??skyka?? Скука Скука
??crazy?? Crazy Crazy
??good?? Good! Good!
??fu?? Fuu Fuu
??fear?? Fear Fear
??stupor?? Stupor Stupor
??girl?? Girl Girl
??dead?? Dead Dead
??wash?? Wash Wash
:86: 86 86
??8)Y?? 8)Y 8)Y
??fight?? Fight Fight
??mmm?? Mmm Mmm
??win?? Winner Winner
??lvend?? Love end Love end
??pls?? Pls Pls
??ice?? Ice Ice
??sc?? Soccer Soccer
??evil2?? Evil 2 Evil 2
??!?? ! !
??aua?? Aua-aua! Aua-aua!
??cawaiwo?? Cawai Woman Cawai Woman
??hmmm?? Hmm??? Hmm???
RedFox Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:fox_kawai: fox_kawai fox_kawai
:fox_X_X: fox_X_X fox_X_X
:fox_tik: fox_tik fox_tik
:fox_laugh: fox_laugh fox_laugh
:fox_fight: fox_fight fox_fight
:fox_:O: fox_:O fox_:O
:fox_evil_laugh: fox_evil_laugh fox_evil_laugh
:fox_crazy_run: fox_crazy_run fox_crazy_run
:fox_red: fox_red fox_red
:fox_happy: fox_happy fox_happy
:fox_cry: fox_cry fox_cry
:fox_love2: fox_love2 fox_love2
:fox_what: fox_what fox_what
:fox_ghost: fox_ghost fox_ghost
:fox_idea!: fox_idea! fox_idea!
:fox_;): fox_;) fox_;)
:fox_holiday: fox_holiday fox_holiday
:fox_angry: fox_angry fox_angry
:fox_romantic: fox_romantic fox_romantic
:fox_rock: fox_rock fox_rock
:fox_?_?: fox_?_? fox_?_?
:fox_OO: fox_OO fox_OO
:fox_iseeyou: fox_iseeyou fox_iseeyou
:fox_gun: fox_gun fox_gun
:fox_heart: fox_heart fox_heart
:fox_:S: fox_:S fox_:S
:fox_yesyes: fox_yesyes fox_yesyes
:fox_unknown: fox_unknown fox_unknown
:fox_-_-: fox_-_- fox_-_-
:fox_lapsha: fox_lapsha fox_lapsha
:fox_lmao: fox_lmao fox_lmao
:fox_sleep: fox_sleep fox_sleep
:fox_fear: fox_fear fox_fear
:fox_a: fox_a fox_a
:fox_angel: fox_angel fox_angel
:fox_tease: fox_tease fox_tease
:fox_Xx': fox_Xx' fox_Xx'
:fox_love: fox_love fox_love
:fox_;p: fox_;p fox_;p
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:bear_sick: bear_sick bear_sick
:bear_fire: bear_fire bear_fire
:bear_web: bear_web bear_web
:bear_flag: bear_flag bear_flag
:bear_kawai: bear_kawai bear_kawai
:bear_happy: bear_happy bear_happy
:bear_007: bear_007 bear_007
:bear_trampampam: bear_trampampam bear_trampampam
:bear_panic!: bear_panic! bear_panic!
:bear_X: bear_X bear_X
:bear_breakheart: bear_breakheart bear_breakheart
:bear_mishgo: bear_mishgo bear_mishgo
:bear_wtf: bear_wtf bear_wtf
:bear_cry: bear_cry bear_cry
:bear_shock: bear_shock bear_shock
:bear_no: bear_no bear_no
:bear_ice: bear_ice bear_ice
Новый год
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:ng_Applause: Ng Applause Ng Applause
:ng_Mellow: Ng Mellow Ng Mellow
:ng_Blush: Ng Blush Ng Blush
:ng_OhMy: Ng OhMy Ng OhMy
:ng_Sleep: Ng Sleep Ng Sleep
:ng_RollEyes: Ng RollEyes Ng RollEyes
:ng_Smile: Ng Smile Ng Smile
:ng_Surrender: Ng Surrender Ng Surrender
:ng_ThumbDown: Ng ThumbDown Ng ThumbDown
:ng_ThumbUp: Ng ThumbUp Ng ThumbUp
:ng_Tongue: Ng Tongue Ng Tongue
:ng_Unsure: Ng Unsure Ng Unsure
:ng_W00t: Ng W00t Ng W00t
:ng_Wacko: Ng Wacko Ng Wacko
:ng_Whistling: Ng Whistling Ng Whistling
:ng_Wink: Ng Wink Ng Wink
:ng_Lol: Ng Lol Ng Lol
:ng_IceCream: Ng IceCream Ng IceCream
:ng_HiWave: Ng HiWave Ng HiWave
:ng_Wicked: Ng Wicked Ng Wicked
:ng_Wish: Ng Wish Ng Wish
:ng_Huh: Ng Huh Ng Huh
:ng_Hmm: Ng Hmm Ng Hmm
:ng_spy: Ng Spy Ng Spy
:ng_Happy: Ng Happy Ng Happy
:ng_Fnar: Ng Fnar Ng Fnar
:ng_Eat: Ng Eat Ng Eat
:ng_Dry: Ng Dry Ng Dry
:ng_Drool2: Ng Drool2 Ng Drool2
:ng_Angry: Ng Angry Ng Angry
:ng_BigGrin: Ng BigGrin Ng BigGrin
:ng_Blink: Ng Blink Ng Blink
:ng_Sad: Ng Sad Ng Sad
:ng_Bubble: Ng Bubble Ng Bubble
:ng_Cloud9: Ng Cloud9 Ng Cloud9
:ng_Cool: Ng Cool Ng Cool
:ng_Doh: Ng Doh Ng Doh
:ng_Flick: Ng Flick Ng Flick
:ng_Hands: Ng Hands Ng Hands
Флаги / Flags
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Laos: Laos Laos
:Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bangladesh
:Russian Federation: Russian Federation Russian Federation
:Cook Islands: Cook Islands Cook Islands
:Tajikistan: Tajikistan Tajikistan
:Grenada: Grenada Grenada
:Mexico: Mexico Mexico
:Antigua & Barbuda: Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda
:Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
:Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
:Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
:Fiji: Fiji Fiji
:Vatican City: Vatican City Vatican City
:Italy: Italy Italy
:Macedonia: Macedonia Macedonia
:Northern Cyprus: Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus
:Botswana: Botswana Botswana
:Seyshelles: Seyshelles Seyshelles
:Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
:Turks and Caicos Is Turks And Caicos Islands Turks And Caicos Islands
:Hong Kong: Hong Kong Hong Kong
:Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
:Namibia: Namibia Namibia
:Bahrain: Bahrain Bahrain
:Romania: Romania Romania
:Congo-Kinshasa: Congo Kinshasa Congo Kinshasa
:Taiwan: Taiwan Taiwan
:Greenland: Greenland Greenland
:Mauritius: Mauritius Mauritius
:Antarctica: Antarctica Antarctica
:Panama: Panama Panama
:Spain: Spain Spain
:Faroes: Faroes Faroes
:Vanuatu: Vanuatu Vanuatu
:Israel: Israel Israel
:Macao: Macao Macao
:Nigeria: Nigeria Nigeria
:Bosnia & Herzegovin Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
:Serbia(Yugoslavia): Serbia(Yugoslavia) Serbia(Yugoslavia)
:Dominica: Dominica Dominica
:Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
:Honduras: Honduras Honduras
:Kuwait: Kuwait Kuwait
:Myanmar(Burma): Myanmar(Burma) Myanmar(Burma)
:Bahamas: Bahamas Bahamas
:Reunion: Reunion Reunion
:Congo-Brazzaville: Congo Brazzaville Congo Brazzaville
:Tahiti(French Polin Tahiti(French Polinesia) Tahiti(French Polinesia)
:Greece: Greece Greece
:Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
:Mauritania: Mauritania Mauritania
:Anguilla: Anguilla Anguilla
:Palestine: Palestine Palestine
:Cape Verde: Cape Verde Cape Verde
:South Korea: South Korea South Korea
:European Union: European Union European Union
:Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
:Isle of Man: Isle Of Man Isle Of Man
:Luxembourg: Luxembourg Luxembourg
:Niger: Niger Niger
:Bolivia: Bolivia Bolivia
:Senegal: Senegal Senegal
:Djibouti: Djibouti Djibouti
:Turkey: Turkey Turkey
:Haiti: Haiti Haiti
:Kosovo: Kosovo Kosovo
:Mozambique: Mozambique Mozambique
:Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
:Red Cross: Red Cross Red Cross
:Comoros: Comoros Comoros
:Syria: Syria Syria
:Gibraltar: Gibraltar Gibraltar
:Zambia: Zambia Zambia
:Martinique: Martinique Martinique
:Angola: Angola Angola
:Palau: Palau Palau
:Canada: Canada Canada
:South Africa: South Africa South Africa
:Ethiopia: Ethiopia Ethiopia
:Uruguay: Uruguay Uruguay
:Islamic Conference: Islamic Conference Islamic Conference
:Lithuania: Lithuania Lithuania
:Nicaragua: Nicaragua Nicaragua
:Bhutan: Bhutan Bhutan
:Scotland: Scotland Scotland
:Denmark: Denmark Denmark
:Tunisia: Tunisia Tunisia
:Guyana: Guyana Guyana
:Morocco: Morocco Morocco
:Austria: Austria Austria
:Qatar: Qatar Qatar
:Commonwealth: Commonwealth Commonwealth
:Switzerland: Switzerland Switzerland
:Ghana: Ghana Ghana
:Yemen: Yemen Yemen
:Kiribati: Kiribati Kiribati
:Marshall Islands: Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
:Andorra: Andorra Andorra
:Pakistan: Pakistan Pakistan
:Cameroon: Cameroon Cameroon
:Somaliland: Somaliland Somaliland
:Estonia: Estonia Estonia
:United States of Am United States Of America(USA) United States Of America(USA)
:Ireland: Ireland Ireland
:Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
:New Zealand: New Zealand New Zealand
:Bermuda: Bermuda Bermuda
:Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
:Czech Republic: Czech Republic Czech Republic
:Trinidad & Tobago: Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
:Guinea: Guinea Guinea
:Montserrat: Montserrat Montserrat
:Australia: Australia Australia
:Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
:Colombia: Colombia Colombia
:Sweden: Sweden Sweden
:Germany: Germany Germany
:Western Sahara: Western Sahara Western Sahara
:Kenya: Kenya Kenya
:Malta: Malta Malta
:American Samoa: American Samoa American Samoa
:Cambodja: Cambodja Cambodja
:Somalia: Somalia Somalia
:Eritrea: Eritrea Eritrea
:United Nations: United Nations United Nations
:Iraq: Iraq Iraq
:Libya: Libya Libya
:New Caledonia: New Caledonia New Caledonia
:Benin: Benin Benin
:Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome & Principe
:Cyprus: Cyprus Cyprus
:Tonga: Tonga Tonga
:Guinea-Bissau: Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissau
:Montenegro: Montenegro Montenegro
:Portugal: Portugal Portugal
:Swaziland: Swaziland Swaziland
:Georgia: Georgia Georgia
:Wales: Wales Wales
:Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
:Mali: Mali Mali
:Algeria: Algeria Algeria
:Oman: Oman Oman
:Burundi: Burundi Burundi
:Solomon Islands: Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
:Equatorial Guinea: Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
:United Kingdom(Grea United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom(Great Britain)
:Iran: Iran Iran
:Liberia: Liberia Liberia
:Netherlands Antille Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles
:Belize: Belize Belize
:San Marino: San Marino San Marino
:Cuba: Cuba Cuba
:Togo: Togo Togo
:Guernsey: Guernsey Guernsey
:Mongolia: Mongolia Mongolia
:Aruba: Aruba Aruba
:Poland: Poland Poland
:China: China China
:Suriname: Suriname Suriname
:Gambia: Gambia Gambia
:Virgin Islands US: Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands US
:Jordan: Jordan Jordan
:Maldives: Maldives Maldives
:Albania: Albania Albania
:Olimpic Movement: Olimpic Movement Olimpic Movement
:Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
:Slovenia: Slovenia Slovenia
:Equador: Equador Equador
:United Arab Emirate United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
:Indonesia: Indonesia Indonesia
:Lesotho: Lesotho Lesotho
:Netherlands: Netherlands Netherlands
:Belgium: Belgium Belgium
:Samoa: Samoa Samoa
:Croatia: Croatia Croatia
:Timor-Leste: Timor Leste Timor Leste
:Guatemala: Guatemala Guatemala
:Monaco: Monaco Monaco
:Armenia: Armenia Armenia
:Philippines: Philippines Philippines
:Chile: Chile Chile
:Sudan: Sudan Sudan
:Gabon: Gabon Gabon
:Virgin Islands Brit Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands British
:Jersey: Jersey Jersey
:Malaysia: Malaysia Malaysia
:African Union(OAS): African Union(OAS) African Union(OAS)
:Norway: Norway Norway
:Bulgaria: Bulgaria Bulgaria
:Slovakia: Slovakia Slovakia
:England: England England
:Ukraine: Ukraine Ukraine
:India: India India
:Lebanon: Lebanon Lebanon
:Nepal: Nepal Nepal
:Belarus: Belarus Belarus
:Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
:Cote d'Ivoire: Cote D'Ivoire Cote D'Ivoire
:Thailand: Thailand Thailand
:Guam: Guam Guam
:Moldova: Moldova Moldova
:Argentina: Argentina Argentina
:Peru: Peru Peru
:Chad: Chad Chad
:St Vincent & the Gr St Vincent & The Grenadines St Vincent & The Grenadines
:France: France France
:Viet Nam: Viet Nam Viet Nam
:japan: Japan Japan
:Malawi: Malawi Malawi
:Afghanistan: Afghanistan Afghanistan
:North Korea: North Korea North Korea
:Brunei: Brunei Brunei
:Singapore: Singapore Singapore
:El Salvador: El Salvador El Salvador
:Uganda: Uganda Uganda
:Iceland: Iceland Iceland
:Latvia: Latvia Latvia
:Nauru: Nauru Nauru
:Barbados: Barbados Barbados
:Rwanda: Rwanda Rwanda
:Costa Rica: Costa Rica Costa Rica
:Tanzania: Tanzania Tanzania
:Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
:Micronesia: Micronesia Micronesia
:Arab League: Arab League Arab League
:Paraguay: Paraguay Paraguay
:Central African Rep Central African Republic Central African Republic
:St Kitts & Nevis: St Kitts & Nevis St Kitts & Nevis
:Finland: Finland Finland
:Venezuela: Venezuela Venezuela
:Jamaica: Jamaica Jamaica
:Madagascar: Madagascar Madagascar
:Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
:Brazil: Brazil Brazil
:Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
:Egypt: Egypt Egypt
:Tuvalu: Tuvalu Tuvalu
:Hungary: Hungary Hungary
:ruseur: Russian / Europe Russian / Europe
:ruseng: Russian / English Russian / English
:engjap: English / Japanese English / Japanese
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:pokefiru: По кефиру По кефиру
:p_podarok: Подарок Подарок
:p_dudu: Дуделка Дуделка
:p_tort: Торт Торт
:p_ballons: Шарики Шарики
:p_shlyapa: Колпак Колпак
:shampan2: Шампанское Шампанское
:shampan1: Шампанское Шампанское
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:up: Upload 1 Upload 1
:up1: Upload 2 Upload 2
Weather 1
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Sunny: Sunny Sunny
:SunFog: SunFog SunFog
:Cloudy2: Cloudy2 Cloudy2
:Cloudy1: Cloudy1 Cloudy1
:Rain1: Rain1 Rain1
:Cloudy3: Cloudy3 Cloudy3
:Rain2: Rain2 Rain2
:Rain3: Rain3 Rain3
:Rain4: Rain4 Rain4
:SnowRain: SnowRain SnowRain
:ThunderyRain: ThunderyRain ThunderyRain
:CloudyNight2: CloudyNight2 CloudyNight2
:CloudyNight3: CloudyNight3 CloudyNight3
:CloudyNight1: CloudyNight1 CloudyNight1
:FogNight: FogNight FogNight
:SunnyNight: SunnyNight SunnyNight
:CloudyNightRian: CloudyNightRian CloudyNightRian
:Snow1: Snow1 Snow1
:Snow2: Snow2 Snow2
:Snow3: Snow3 Snow3
:Snow4: Snow4 Snow4
:Snow5: Snow5 Snow5
:Snow6: Snow6 Snow6
:Storm: Storm Storm
:HeavyRain: HeavyRain HeavyRain

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