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Америка / USA Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix 3 (NTSC/U)             

Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix 3 (NTSC/U)

a.k.a Dancing Stage Unleashed 3

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 allows players to compete online and go head-to-head with other DDR fans from around the globe, talk live to other DDR players as well as download new songs and other content. Ultramix 3 also features never-before-seen offline modes that cater to the casual, beginner and advanced dancers. 'Freestyle Mode' lets newcomers to the series dance to any song without having to follow specific dance steps on the screen. Although players are not beholden to any choreographed moves, the game recognizes their dance patterns and will reward players for completing different step combinations. More seasoned players can enjoy the 'Quest Mode' where they can travel from city to city and build the ultimate dance team by completing challenging songs and routines. The game's 'Jukebox Mode' allows players to enjoy more than 65 upbeat tracks from the game and use them as background music. By serving up the hottest dance tunes, comprised of remixes, dance anthems and popular hits, DDR keeps everyone moving and grooving. DDR also returns with the classic 'Workout Mode,' which gives gamers a method to track the progress of their dance/exercise routines and see how many calories they have burned.

Platform: XBox
Год выпуска: 15/11/2005
Жанр: Rhythm'n'Dance
Издательство: Konami
Регион игры: NTSC/U
Язык интерфейса игры: English
Image: ISO
7z: 1.69 Gb


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