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Музыка / Music Wild Arms Complete Tracks             

Wild Arms Complete Tracks

Файловый Хостинг: NarodDisk
Файл: RAR
Формат: MP3 (+скрины JPG)
Битрейт: VBR 224-256 kbps


Disc 1
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01-To the End of the Wilderness
03-The Cold Darkness (Dungeon)
04-Things That Crawl in the Dark
05-Battle M-BOSS
07-Omen of Ostracism
08-Alone in the World
09-Oh, Abbey Maiden...
11-Way of Illusion
12-Getting Rich Quick! (Jack's Theme)
13-Courage (Dungeon)
14-Critical Hit!
15-An Escapable Situation
17-Taboo Storyteller
18-Adlehyde Castle
19-Ancient Civilization Exhibition
20-The Sky Is Being Torn Apart
21-World of Loudening Screams
22-Against the Backdrop of World Destruction
23-From Anxiety to Impatience
24-The Sharp Edge of an Assault
25-Power fighter
28-After the Chaos and Destruction
29-A Sorrowful Separation
30-Funeral Procession
32-Migrant Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)
33-Marsh Where the Migrant Birds Gather
35-The Power Which Supports the World
36-Knight Quarters
37-A Wound Carved Upon The Heart
38-Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)
39-Lamenting and a Promise (Prologue 2)

Disc 2
Click here to see full text
01-Ancient Shrine
02-Village of the Elw
03-Agitation to Destruction
04-Kishum Flame
06-Fallen into a Trap
07-Not Just Any Kid, But A Lady! (Jane's Theme)
08-A Moment of Tension (Lady Harken's Theme)
09-False Wedding on the Sea
10-Wh-What (Zed's Theme)
11-What You're Looking For Is on the Calm Beach
12-Crossing Over the Raging Waves (Bartholomew's Theme)
14-Warrior's Whistle (Boomerang's Theme)
15-Holy Mother of Darkness
16-Eulogy of Ruin
18-Rudy's Companions
19-Seperate World
20-A Lonely Dream of Bygone Days
21-The Miracle of Love
22-The Bird Which Flies In the Sky (Emma's Theme)
23-Running Spirit
24-Fragments of Hope, Revival
25-The Demon Tower that Pierces the Heavens
26-Ballad of the Shadow Wolf
27-A New Moon ~Malduke~
28-Battle MOTHER
29-The Way Back
30-To the Sea of Stars
31-Battle ZEIK
32-Return to Ashes
33-''The Earth Gals Did Their Best, huh''
34-The Prologue Beginning From Here
35-Morning of the Journey
36-The Princess-Sorceress' Feelings
37-The Journey Is Your Fellow Journeyers
38-To the End of the Wilderness ~To a New Journey~
39-Making An Oath to the Blue Sky
40-Battle Demon

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