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CIVCIV was a punk rock band from New York City. The band is named after its vocalist, Anthony Civarelli. Three of the band's members (Civarelli, Siegler and Smilios) were members of Gorilla Biscuits. Siegler also played in other hardcore bands, including Youth of Today and Judge. After the break-up of Gorilla Biscuits, Civarelli opened a tattoo studio on Long Island. After the band Quicksand had signed to a major label, Schreifels re-united a late version of his former band, wrote a record and produced it, resulting in Set Your Goals. He was notably[citation needed] absent on their second full-length album, Thirteen Day Getaway. Shortly after releasing Thirteen Day Getaway, CIV disbanded in 2000. They have since reunited for a series of one-off shows, including New York's Black N Blue Bowl in 2008. and Belgium's Groezrock Festival in 2011. CIV had yet another reunion on September 7, 2012 at the Webster Hall in New York City. (More Wikipedia)